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What Fire and Fury tells us about us

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2018-01-12 4,294 158 59,485 YouTube

There is little more bizarre than the frenzy Fire and Fury has whipped the public into. For one time donations : 1791L Merch: ☕ Twitter Patreon : PayPal Yearly Pledge : Maker Support : Bitcoin : 16e7m1FPxmPDRnytDneRBUUAFE45ZGBYCH Litecoin : Lghsbdz4YDdh6XTRagSpM2Xsi1QkDMJ8pp Ethereum : 0x5E66C68356710de7556e0c96C3168D7710bC386A My Editing Tools: Produced by Alexander Villena & Luther Heinrich 1791L - The American Polivisual Log